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Speaker, Mentor,  Author

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Trauma Coach

Teresita through creative approaches and skills allows the client to explore the links between past and present. As a solid support, she encourages you to face your storms and reflect on actions in the present that will be fruitful for your wellbeing.

She coaches on different types of traumas including, sexual abuse, anger, anxiety, depression, family issues, grief and loss, spiritual guidance, stress management, thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else, unhealthy relationships, among others.

Her coaching is designed to empower you to break free from everything holding you back.



A mentor to many, Terry looks at potential and the future of each individual encouraging them to stay in tune with themselves as she offers professional expertise and support.


3 tiers of mentorship offered are one on one, distance or group mentoring.

Current mentorship programs are:

  • Ministry ladies

  • Individuals trail blazers

  • Organizational Structure Flow


NB. Mentorship of all programs is full this year, application will be open in September 2022 for next year 2023.

​Widow Support

Widow support is close to Gobanga’s heart as she has walked this uncommon path that lives one devastated. She offers group support and programs tailored for widow groups.

For more information reach out to us on 


Crawling Out of Darkness Conference

Learning to breathe after you have walked dark paths is an uphill task. Many struggle to rise while breaking boundaries of limitations brought forth by past tragedies. A gifted exhorter, Pastor Terry has the rare ability to reach and stir her audience with the message of hope which rebuilds lives through God’s word and helps others experience true and lasting transformation through intimacy with God.

​More details coming up about our conference next year September 22 - 23 2023


Sexual Assault Survivors Network

This is a network that specifically reaches out to rape survivors from all over the world or for parents that have children who have experienced sexual abuse. More than prayers, we take time to share victories and encourage those who are going through tough seasons. 

If the above description fits you, click the link below to join our WhatsApp group.

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